Resume Alexander Chaika

Manti - How did you start studying electronics?
- Some years at 12, I found an old transformer, rewound it slightly and turned it on. Power system recognized the new radio technologist and blinked in a friendly way with the whole house. That's how it began...

Briefly about yourself:

Higher technical education in the specialty of software engineer with specialization Information and Internet Technology.

Sociability, teamwork, technical English, literate speech, emotional endurance, extensive experience with clients (from pensioners to senior officials), strong health, without harmful excess.

I work without problems on Windows platforms, as well as on Linux. High skills in Adobe Photoshop package.


  • More than 15 years of practical (10-year commercial) experience in developing web-applications from the stage of setting the task before the launch of a working project.
  • Highload applications with complex architecture and bandwidth more than 5000rps. Horizontal and vertical scaling.          
  • Knowledge, understanding and practical use of OOP, design patterns.
  • Proper code formalization (hierarchy, description, comments), the ability to read and understand someone else's code, also known as "smell", asynchronous and decompiled.
  • Optimization of existing code: Python, PHP, JS, SQL (Join/Union/Proc), HTML/CSS (contexts, templates, animation), caching at various levels of MVC. Interfaces and prototyping, drafting technical documentation for the project.
  • Administration and startup of servers: LAMP (Ubuntu, Centos), WAMP (Windows Server). Apache/Nginx + Python, PHP (uWSGI, Gunicorn, Mod FCGI, CLI) + Memcache/Redis + MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, high level of knowledge bash shell.
  • Dependencies - PIP/NPM/Composer, Docker/Vagrant, debugging and code profiling, version control systems - GIT/SVN/Mercurial, branching, merging, rollbacks, etc.

Professional knowledge and skills:

  • Programming languages: Python 7years, JS 12years, HTML/CSS 15years, PostgreSQL 5years, PHP 7years, MySQL 7years, Redis, Mongo, NodeJS, Ruby On Rails, .NET MVC.
  • Services: Google/Facebook/Yandex API, Salesforce,, Sailthru, Mandrill/Mailchimp, SOAP/REST, OAuth.                    
  • Libraries: Django, Flask, Yii, React, VueJS, YUI/AlloyUI, jQuery, Angular, Zend, Doctrine, Slim, Rails, Magento, Wordpress, OpenCart and others.

Code samples: