About Alexander Chaika

Manti I create only when the muse comes. If you sit and deliberately squeeze out of yourself, then the result will be appropriate...

I was born and grew up in the USSR, Novopolotsk (Belarus). Now I live in Minsk.

I graduated from music school in piano, played in the percussion group of a brass band for 6 years.

Then the Polotsk State University, the software of Information and Internet technologies, i.e. I am a programmer, and I earn my living.

Interest in music arose sometime in the year 1998. At first, it was like most of my friends - Dolphin and Zemfira, and then I was carried to another side - Freestylers, Bomfunk MC's, then The Prodigy, Scooter, Chemical Brothers, etc.

In fact, I love Deep, Noise, Drum, Minimal and a bunch of other genres and styles, and I also play, almost everything that I like.

Turning musical moments in life - Richie Hawtin, Lator and in the morning Slava Finist. Hence the epic with Tech House and Minimal began. Next was Dj Bes on a pair with Noisia. Important in the formation of my taste were trips to KaZantip in 2005, 2006 and 2009.

Later there was a forest, Olien, Goa Gil - so I met and became interested in psychedelic. After that the double Janaca Express compilation was born, which later was played "live" in the forest.

For a long time I was very interested in DnB, more precisely Techstep and Neurofunk. The two main factors that influenced it - the first 56 releases of the label "Subtitles" and the creativity of the monster of the darkstep - Current Value. At the moment, this direction is not lost, but develops in parallel in underground laboratories.

In recent years, I'm returning to Chillout and Hip-Hop. House and its technical direction along with the original Techno and Minimal, has moved almost completely to vinyl. Sometimes I blow off the dust and replenish the collection with something fresh.

For a new 2012 year I made myself a gift - I collected a set of a Tractor by Native Instruments, which I was very happy with. Now I mostly use it.

I love: Vinyl records, Horn analog sound, full-frame cameras, Sony and Adidas.

I hate: Phones and the mess.

Recommend: Steven Soderbergh, Lost in Translation, Paul Ekman.

Interested in: Music, acoustics, photography, space.

I know: Several programming languages, music notation and solfeggio.

I know: There are two concepts - I want and I'm lazy, but about what I do not know yet, I will ask the Google.