About me Alexander Chaika, Python Developer

I'm a professional backend developer with an experience in developing web applications.
I do my job well both as part of a team and as a sole unit.

Work expirience

  • More than 15 years of work in different teams on many projects, emotional endurance.
  • Business domain - credit ratings, accounting, real time bidding systems, e-commerce.
  • I work without problems on Linux platforms, as well as on Windows. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Ableton Live and other packages.
  • Experience in teaching programming and public speaking.

Hobby and favorites

  • Current areas of interest - Serverless, transistor electronics, architecture.
  • Favorite music - Drum and Bass, Tech House, Ambient.
  • Favorite movie - Lost in Translation by Steven Soderbergh.
  • Favorite book - iPhuck 10 by Viktor Pelevin.

Programming technologies and tools

  • Python/Django + PostgreSQL 8yr, JavaScript 14yr, HTML/CSS 17yr, PHP + MySQL 7yr, Rust, Ruby, C#.
  • Django, DRF, Wagtail, Flask, Aiohttp, FastAPI, Starlette, Marshmallow, Swagger/OpenAPI/ApiSpec.
  • Redis,Mongo, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, MySQL, LevelDB, Neo4j.
  • jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, YUI/AlloyUI, Zend, Yii, Doctrine, Slim, Ruby On Rails, Magento, Wordpress, etc.
  • AWS/Boto3, GitHub Actions, Stripe/Plaid/Solidfi/Authorize.net, LeanPlum/Amplitude, Google/Facebook APIs, Salesforce, Sailthru, Mandrill/Mailchimp/Mailgun, REST/GraphQL/SOAP, OAuth2, JWT.

Professional Experience

  • More than 17 years of practical (13-year commercial) experience in developing web applications.
  • Highload applications with complex architecture, horizontal and vertical scaling. Knowledge, understanding and practical use of OOP, design patterns.
  • Flow charts, diagrams and prototyping, technical documentation for the project.
  • Proper code formalization (hierarchy, description, comments), the ability to read and understand an old/legacy code, duck typing, asynchronous and decompiled.
  • Existing code optimizations - Python, PHP, JS, SQL (Join/Union/Proc), HTML/CSS (contexts, templates, animation), caching at various levels of MVC/MVT.
  • AWS SAA - EC2, RDS, S3, VPC, IAM, SSM, ECS, ECR, ElastiCache, ElasticSearch, CloudWatch, Route53, etc.
  • Developer Operations - Nginx/Gunicorn/Uvicorn/uWSGI (Ubuntu, Centos, AMI), Postgres/Redis/MySQL, Systemd/Docker/KVM. Experience in bash shell/scripts.
  • Security Operations - DDoS and botnet protection, reCaptcha, UFW.
  • Dependencies - PIP/NPM/Composer/Cargo, VCS - GIT/SVN/Mercurial, branching, merging, rollbacks, etc.

iTechArt Group, Minsk

Senior Python Developer

Aug, 2010 - Present

Polotsk State University, Polotsk

Junior PHP/C# Developer

Aug, 2008 - Aug, 2010

NP-Komplex, Novopolotsk

Sales and logistics manager

Aug, 2006 - Aug, 2008

Polotsk State University, Polotsk

Master of Computer Applications (MCA), Internet Technologies

Aug, 2003 - Aug, 2008

Modern University for the Humanities, Moscow

Associate of Science (AS), Economics

Aug, 2008 - Feb, 2011