Light Synthetic Compilation

Synthetic (Remastered) /Chillout, Ambient/

In my opinion, the most difficult, but also the most interesting ambient work.
Created: 17 October 2021
Length: 1:05:10

Last night /Chillout, Ambient/

Fear what's inside of you, since the worst enemy of anyone is himself.
Created: 25 May 2018
Length: 51:54

Shining /Chillout, Ambient/

Therefore, through the sun, the stars is shining...
Created: 12 April 2017
Length: 1:05:14

New horizons /Chillout, Ambient/

Sometimes, very simple and innocuous actions reveal to us, until this moment invisible, new horizons...
Created: 02 December 2015
Length: 1:14:11

Zeppelin /Chillout, Dub Techno/

An interesting work for fans of minimalistic and noisy techno sound at low speeds.
Created: 27 August 2013
Length: 57:55

Reach out of the Sun /Chillout, Ambient/

Strange spring mood and a lot of different events in my personal life, led to the creation of this compilation.
Created: 05 March 2013
Length: 1:05:37