February /Hip-Hop, Rap/

Very strange three months of winter forced to think about many things and put everything in its place.
Created: 21 March 2016
Length: 1:14:45

Prohibition /Hip-Hop, Rap/

The second work in style. I thought I would not compile it, but my love for hip-hop did not go away.
Created: 11 September 2014
Length: 1:13:32

Fuel for the tank (NLP) /Hip-Hop, Rap/

Perhaps the only currently Hip-Hop Compilation in its purest form, a collection of my favorite tracks.
Created: 12 October 2011
Length: 1:13:57

House of broken hearts 4, southern dreams /Chillout, Hip-Hop/

Again with a broken heart, again everything hurts, whines and cries. I did not intend to release this compilation, at least so quickly, but so the stars came together.
Created: 18 May 2010
Length: 43:12